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Birmingham Central Mosque is situated on Belgrave Middleway in Highgate, Birmingham. Building started in 1968 and was completed by 1982. Dome and minaret, by William Copeland.

Where is Birmingham Central Mosque?

Birmingham Central Mosque is at 180 Belgrave Middleway, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 0XS.


In brief

It was the second purpose built mosque in the United Kingdom and it first opened in the early 1970s.

Birmingham Central MosqueBirmingham Central Mosque on Belgrave Middleway (March 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown


Birmingham Central Mosque - history

Development of the Birmingham middle ring road began during the 1960s. By 1968, a site on Belgrave Middleway had been chosen to build the first mosque in Birmingham. It first opened to the public in the early 1970s, although it wasn't fully completed until about 1982. It features a dome and minarets by William Copeland. The mosque has a "Guest Book" which visitors have been signing since 1984. It is open throughout the year, and has visits from schools, colleges and universities. It is a non-sectarian place of worship. Since it was built it has become a focal point for the Birmingham Muslim community.

The mosque has three floors. The main hall is on the first floor. There is also two ladies' galleries on the third floor. There is also a gallery for non-Muslim's to visit each year. Plus a souvenir shop. The ground floor is divided into office accommodation, community halls (banqueting hall's), plus an Islamic library and educational classrooms. On Eid days it could accommodate up to 20,000 worshippers. On Friday prayers, it's usually about 4000 plus people.

Birmingham Central MosqueBirmingham Central Mosque from the Secret Garden at the Library of Birmingham (April 2017). Photography by Elliott Brown


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