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08 Dec 2020 - Christine Wright

Kings Heath Park - a much loved green space in the Birmingham suburbs

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Take the full post for a selection of photos looking at the life of Kings Heath Park throughout the seasons. 

The park is managed by Birmingham City Council, with the help of a team of local volunteers, the 'Friends of Kings Heath Park'.


All photography by Christine Wright.

Find out more about the 'Friends of Kings Heath Park' by connecting here.

Kings Heath Park is centered on the Park House which was built in 1832 for the MP, William Congreve Russell. In 1880, it was bought by John Cartland (ancestor of the author Barbara Cartland, lover of pinkness and author of  romantic novels!).

The land was sold to the council and opened as a public park in 1908. The building houses council offices and the Cartland Tea Rooms.

Plants are available for sale in the nursery at Kings Heath Park.

Let's take a look at the Park though the seasons :

Photography by Christine Wright.

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Environment & green action
15 Jul 2019 - Christine Wright

Christine Wright - Shares her creative & inspiring photography

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Christine shares her love of photography with these inspiring creative images of  flowers in various shapes & colours.  Christine shares her technique of soft focus that magnifies the finer details, that are found on these beautiful blooms! 


Christine's photographs have all been taken at either the beautiful Botanical Gardens, The Unique Winterbourne House and Gardens, or her own lovely garden in Kings Heath!














All photography courtesy Christine Wright 

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Environment & green action
30 Nov 2018 - Christine Wright

A Sunday morning snapshot of Kings Heath.

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I'd just bought a new lens for my camera, and was dying to try it out before the autumn colours faded! Sunday 18th November dawned bright and sunny, giving the perfect opportunity for a photo-walk around Kings Heath.


Many of the trees had already dropped their leaves, but the magnificent oak trees are always the last to put on a golden display. Wheelers Lane looked particularly splendid.

'Welcome to Kings Heath' says the sign. The cropped view through the 85mm lens was just right for capturing the line up of two of Kings Heath's vertical features: Sainsbury's multistorey car park and the elegant tower of All Saints Church.

Kings Heath High Street - shops and traffic.

Sunday morning, and many worshippers were at the services in 'All Saints' Victorian Anglican church and 'St Dunstan's'  1960s Roman Catholic Church 

Look up to see the interesting features of the Kings Heath shops and pubs.

Look up to see unexpected people standing out above the crowd!

The sun picks out a row of very handsome houses, and an independent hairdresser and foam shop in Heathfield Road.

Looking across the High Street from Heathfield to York Road. The Hare and Hounds pub plays a central role in Kings Heath life and entertainment, and is a central feature of the high street.

The sun lights up the pretty entrance to the Kitchen Garden Cafe in York Road.

Walking on down Waterloo Road, the telegraph poles with their tangle of wires catch my eye.

The Stained glass studio is an attractive feature on the corner of South Road and Grange Road.

The row of Edwardian villas in Grange Road, leading up to Kings Heath Park. I've not thought about the road name before, but I guess that 'The Grange' must have been the original name for the house and grounds in what is now Kings Heath Park. 

Into the park, to be met by this sunlit blaze of autumn colour, autumn leaves on trailing branches hanging over the pond, and pretty collections of autumn leaves in the tree roots.

My new lens is particularly good for these dreamy close up shots.

It was lovely to see the number of parents in the park, helping their children to learn to ride bikes, or playing football together.

Don't forget the dog walkers too!

A final look across the park to the big Park House, before I set off home along Howard Road.

Back to Howard Road East, and more glorious oak trees.

The last stretch home, walking along the path that was a field boundary long before 'the King's Heath' was engulfed by the city.

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Environment & green action
11 Nov 2018 - Christine Wright

Enjoying the Autumn in Kings Heath Park.

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Take the full post to view the lovely Autumn colours captured at Kings Heath Park, Birmingham.


The glorious autumn colours in Kings Heath Park this year have been enjoyed by young and old, in sunshine and in rain. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful greenspace in Kings Heath!

Enjoy this gallery of photography taken in Autumn 2018 in the park.

Photography by Christine Wright

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Environment & green action
11 Oct 2018 - Christine Wright

The lovely Autumn colours in King's Heath!

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Just to get us in the mood for this year's Autumn, here's a look back at the Autumn of 2017, showcasing Christine's collection of wonderful photography taken in King's Heath. These show just how the colours change as we go though the season.













All photograpy by Christine Wright 


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Modern Architecture
19 Aug 2018 - Christine Wright

'Look Up' in Kings Heath

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There are some great examples of modern and traditional architecture in Kings Heath, particularly for those who 'look up'.

Christine starts us off with this post and with our People with Passion we will continue to build a wonderful gallery that shows off the fine architecture and buildings in Kings Heath. 

Take the full post


Enjoy our tour of some of the great architecture to be found in Kings Heath, all of which has been captured in a great selection of photography by Christine Wright.

Victorian grandeur at the top of the big bank in Kings Heath High Street.


Modern turret at the corner of Heathfield Road and Kings Heath High Street


Looking up at the Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath


Turret, with thistle, on Scotts Corner, Kings Heath


Small window in All Saints Church, Kings Heath


Turret in Kings Heath High Street


Cambridge Road Methodist Church for Kings Heath and Moseley


St Dunstan's Roman Catholic Church, Kings Heath


Scott's corner, Kings Heath High Street


Architecture above the shops in the High Street


All Saints Church and Kings Heath Village Square


Interior of St Dunstan's Church, Kings Heath


All photos courtesy Christine Wright

To see more great posts featuring Kings Heath and to join our Kings Heath People with Passion, connect HERE



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People & community
25 Jul 2018 - Christine Wright

Introducing 'Friends of Kings Heath Park'

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The Friends of Kings Heath Park were set up in July 2017 to assist Birmingham City Council and the Ranger service in continuing to make Kings Heath Park a family-friendly, community green space for future generations.

They run litter picks, pond maintenance, forest school, festive & seasonal free events for the community. 

Take the full post for more on this group.<


Take a look at how Friends of Kings Heath Park do so much to protect their wonderful park for the enjoyment of all. 

Find out more about them at their website or here in our Kings Heath people with passion.

The Big Picnic in the Park, June 2018.

Bringing together the community for picnics, games for children and adults, swing dance and hoola-hoop sessions.

Regular Litter picks, co-ordinated by Siobhan McMillan.

Find out more about Friends of Kings Heath Park here at People with Passion.

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